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Canterbury Japanese Class: Application is now open

The Canterbury Japanese Supplementary School (Hoshukō) is pleased to announce the launch of our new Japanese language course for people in the Canterbury community.

The course runs every Saturday starting on 25th May and ending on 6th July. The course aims at developing participants’ speaking ability in basic social conversation in Japanese. No written text will be introduced during the course. The course is intended for participants who have never learned Japanese language before. By the end of this 7-week course, the participants are expected to be able to use some familiar/everyday expressions and phrases to engage in short routine social interactions to meet basic needs in Japanese.

For this first round of the course, we only accept the application from people at or over 18 years old.

• Venue: Ilam School (Address: 66 Ilam road, Christchurch)
• Dates: Every Saturday from 25th May to 6th July (total 7 classes)
• Times: 10:00am – 11:30 (90mins)
• Cost: $160 including GST (This is the total cost for all 7 classes)
• Minimum number 10 participants and maximum number 20 participants
• Tutor: Mrs. Yoko Couling (A former tutor in Japanese programme at the Ara Institute of Canterbury (Polytech)

Application closes when the number of the application reaches the maximum number (20) for this round of offer.
Please click here to apply for the Canterbury Japanese Class.

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CJSSたより 2018年度第15号発行

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2018年度 読書感想文展入賞作品


中3 堀内 杏
中2 川野 愛奈
中1 高橋 大夢
小6 松村 美海
小5-1 原田 世華
小5-2 フィン ヒューゴ
小4-1 谷脇 美桜
小4-2 プライド エマ静香
小3-1 堤 星衣夏
小3-2 スマイリー 力輝
小2-1 直井 稜
小1-1 渕上 暖
小1-2 澁谷 妃那乃

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